Turcia - International Workshop on Theoretical and Applied Physics

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Dată: 14 Februarie 2017

Link: http://conf-scoop.org/science/iwtap/index.php

Categorie: Știință - Fizică

IWTAP-2017 is one of the area focused international workshops for presenting novel ideas and advances in the area of Theoretical and Applied Physics organized by scientific cooperations. IWTAP-2017 aims to increase the collaboration among researchers and practitioners with a common interest in Theoretical and Applied Physics through scientific publications.

The workshop will be held as part of the International Conference on Basic Sciences.

All the conference papers will be published in conference proceedings and selected papers will be published on Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics after a second peer revieweing operation.

The conference proceedings will be sent to be reviewed for their inclusion in the ISI Citation Index database.

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